What to expect as a medical traveler: 6 easy steps
Step 1:
You’re Here. Congratulations, you’ve already completed step one. By discovering CnF Assist, you’ve taken the most important step in seeking solutions to your medical needs that you’ve  found are either too costly or aren’t readily available in INDIA. Finding a company to coordinate and simplify every aspect of your care overseas is extremely important, leaving you free to  concern yourself only with getting your medical condition behind you. Read on to see how easy we make it for you to access high quality Global Health Care.
Step-2 : 
After collecting basic information from you CnF will contact hospital/doctors and choose right center for your medical need.meanwhile if we are in need of some more information, we can contact you.After that we will send you’re the approx estimate of your medical trip to India with detail biphercation of your expence along with the medical details like how you  will be operated,which doctor will operate you,the resume of doctor,at which hospital you will be operated and lot more which will ake easy for you to take some decision on the given option. If You will be satisfied with the option given, we ill proceed to step-3 other wise step-2 will be repeated until you get satisfied.
Step-3 (Optional)
CnF will prepares the itinerary, arranges for visa, books flights, arranges travel insurance, international calling cards, cell phones at destination, vaccinations, dietary preferences, complete hospital stay, accommodation before and after surgery, vacation in desired location and so on. (As per requirement)
Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll be greeted at the airport and driven to the Hotel, You can rest, refresh ...  Will inform you appoitment timings of hospital. if you require will arrange car pick up- drop at Hospital. You’ll be introduced to your liaison, who on our behalf, will coordinate your admission and all details during your stay. During admission, you’ll make payment to the hospital, usually by credit card, and then you’re ready to meet your medical team. Your lead doctor will explain every aspect of your  procedure in detail and the in depth pre-op tests. The tests ensure there are no changes in your medical condition since the transfer of records. Most patients are impressed with the thoroughness of these tests, and unlike in the U.S. and other countries, are all at no additional charge. No matter which of the CnF Assist hospitals you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to communicate clearly in English, the facilities are pristine and technologically advanced, and the staff is dedicated to your medical care and your personal comfort.
Your Medical Care. Your medical procedure begins. CnF Assist will stay in constant contact with you and your medical team throughout your stay, and will relay information back to loved ones frequently. You’ll be closely monitored during recovery, and once the medical team has determined you’re ready for discharge, you’ll either fly home or be moved to nearby hotel  for further recovery and follow-up care, physical therapy or tests.
You Return. When CnF Assist receives word from the medical team that you’re ready to come home, we confirm your travel arrangements so that once again, all you have to do is pack and board the plane. We stay in close touch once you’re home to assist you and your  medical team with any follow-up care. We stay connected with you for as long as you need us and usually after that, and help you get answers from your overseas doctor should any post-care issues arise. 

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